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The Badger State certainly does have its natural charms. A lengthy list no doubt, but one thing it’s missing is the Rockies. And those mountains can be tough to leave.

When Dr. Amy Brewster left her plastic surgery practice in Colorado, she was following her husband, a Wisconsinite, who was recruited for a job here and longed to be closer to his family. Not long after her husband was selected for his job, Brewster got a call from The Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in Neenah. The Arkansas born, Tennessee educated, Kansas trained plastic surgeon was headed for the Fox Valley to join Dr. Todd Van Ye.

“It was simply a very good fit,” said Brewster about the immediate connection with Van Ye, co-founder of The Center. “We had similar training, similar philosophies, and similar practice styles.”

Plastic surgeons are some of the best-trained surgeons in the world. Brewster is board-certified in general surgery, plastic surgery, and has multiple subspecialty certifications.

“As plastic surgeons, we really do so many things,” she said.

Brewster breaks her patients down into two basic categories: those primarily concerned with their appearance and those primarily concerned with their health.

A patient could be a mom who wants to get her body back after children, or a woman born bigger or smaller than she wants to be. Perhaps someone affected with breast cancer.

“I am devoted to serving all of these patients,” Brewster said.

It is not surprising that one of Brewster’s medical passions is breast reconstruction for oncology patients. Her mom battled breast cancer.

“It’s all about providing some positivity to an extraordinarily difficult and challenging situation,” said Brewster in referring to her cancer patients. “I do whatever they need me to do.”

Breast reconstruction has undergone a great evolution in the last generation according to Brewster. From initially very few options, to the use of patients’ own tissue, to a range of specialized products, implant reconstruction has become technically complex.

“I feel it is an area of strength of mine to help the general surgeon treat the cancer by preserving as much of the patient’s own anatomy as possible,” said Brewster.

Another passion is bariatric surgery, otherwise known as weigh loss surgery, which includes trimming the skin after weight loss, which affects health and appearance. Brewster trained with Dr. Ted Lockwood, internationally recognized in his field.

With each patient, Brewster emphasizes the importance of listening in order to understand the changes each patient wants, needs, or is looking for.

“If a patient communicates with me, then I can get them were they want to be.”

Brewster is excited about the recent opening of two new Center facilities, in Plover and Mequon. Outreach clinics will provide patients from these areas convenient access to multiple treatments and non-surgical procedures.

“Anything we can do safely here in our front office, we can do safely there as well.”

When asked to reflect on the qualities she brings to the Center, Brewster says, “I’m a strong patient advocate surgeon. I love what I do, and I have something to give people.”

She added, “And I’m a woman.”

After running her own practice and needing to oversee every nuance of day-to-day operations, Brewster relishes the opportunity to focus on patient care. She refers to The Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery as a mosaic and considers herself a piece in its intricate design.

“We all have a shared commitment here at The Center,” said Brewster. “I am so glad to be a part of that.”

A NOVO Health provider, The Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery is committed to providing high quality, low cost services through the bundled pricing of surgeries. Currently, The Center has bundled 8 specific procedures, 6 of which are breast reconstruction surgeries for cancer survivors.