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You’ve got 18 minutes. And speakers don’t go over 18 minutes.

TEDxOshkosh hosted a full day’s worth of speakers at its second annual event at the Grand Opera House last month. Designed to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group, TEDx events are localized versions of TED (Technology, Education & Design) conferences, which bring together “curious minds and groundbreaking content.”

The ideas that are showcased can be from any discipline. Presentations last no more than 18 minutes. And there is a boundary (“the big red dot”) beyond which speakers dare not venture.

The annual flagship conference takes place on the west coast and boasts 70+ speakers over the course of five days. The power and popularity of the TED concept led to TEDx, the community-based TED-style events which are independently and locally organized.

Led by Oshkosh residents Michael Rust, Karen Leavitt, and Craig Burnett, TEDxOshkosh – like every TEDx event – is run entirely by volunteers who share the strong commitment to TED’s central philosophy of “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

Presenting to a gathering of nearly 300 listeners, this year’s 14 speakers covered a breadth of topics ranging from “Family Dairy Farms” to “The Future of Aging” to “Understanding Dinosaur Evolution by Automotive Analogy.”

Curt Kubiak, CEO of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley and NOVO Health, used his 18 minutes to deliver “Manufacturing Healthcare,” his presentation on the opportunities that exist for healthcare systems to improve their service delivery – and lower costs – by learning from successful manufacturing models. Kubiak provided a conceptual framework to improve the process and outcomes of the healthcare industry through process flow, time to market, and pricing.

“Imagine a healthcare industry where participants compete on cost, quality, and service,” said Kubiak. “Employers will be able to select strategic suppliers for healthcare services that meet their employee needs regarding chronic disease management, injury avoidance and access to the latest technology for addressing acute care issues.”

Videos of this year’s speakers will be available on YouTube in early 2018. Since the beginning of the TEDx program in 2009, over 10,000 TEDx events have been held around the world.

Viewership of TEDx talks exceeds one billion.