NOVO Health expands its portfolio of participating providers to include women’s care specialist. 

Appleton, WI – NOVO Health, the Appleton-based organization representing independent health care groups and self-funded employers, announced the addition of Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy as a participating provider in the NOVO Health network. The addition of the women’s health group will enhance the options available to self-insured employers and their employees seeking cost-saving, integrated care.

The Kaldas Center combines nationally recognized surgical skills and technology with holistic, patient-focused care. Founder Dr. Rami Kaldas is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and obstetrician and a nationally recognized fertility and surgery expert. Providing care for women in Wisconsin since 1996, Kaldas has performed more than 5,000 minimally invasive surgeries to date.

“We are excited to be part of NOVO Health and join with the other independent providers of NOVO to deliver high quality medical services,” said Kaldas. “Our philosophy is to go above and beyond for our patients, making sure each is at the center of their care, which fits perfectly with NOVO’s focus on the patient experience.”

NOVO Health is a leader in the price bundling of outpatient surgeries and related procedures. Bundled pricing results in a single bill for an entire episode of care with a price point known up front. Currently, NOVO Health offers more than 80 bundled procedures to self-insured companies, many of which are orthopedic and spine, traditionally high cost items for employers.

Through NOVO Health, the Kaldas Center will offer bundles for endometriosis, a chronic condition that affects one in ten women. The Kaldas Center physicians are recognized experts in the use of laser treatment to excise endometriosis. Additionally, NOVO bundles for hysterectomy will be offered.

Kaldas noted that price bundled procedures will be available to NOVO employer partners by April 1, 2019, right on the heels of a very important month.

“March is Endometriosis Month, a perfect time to raise awareness of a disease that affects 200 million women worldwide,” said Kaldas.

In addition to price transparency and the potential for cost savings on a multitude of procedures and services, the NOVO bundled payment program includes a limited warranty and care navigation to ensure a patient-focused experience. Other NOVO programs available for self-insured employers include onsite physical therapy and medical tourism bundles.

“The addition of women’s care to NOVO Health was absolutely essential,” said Curt Kubiak, CEO of NOVO Health. “We are proud to offer our employer partners access to the team at Kaldas Center, renowned for providing high quality care for women.”


Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy combines nationally recognized surgical skills and technology with holistic, patient-focused care to achieve unsurpassed results for women in Wisconsin. The Kaldas Center keeps costs down with minimally invasive surgery and in-office procedures, helping women quickly return to their life, productivity and happiness.

NOVO Health represents board-certified independent physicians and accredited facilities that offer specialty healthcare solutions. Founded in 2013, NOVO Health adheres to high standards for quality, cost, and patient experience and partners with self-insured employers to reduce medical spend.