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NOVO Health launches a treatment bundle for the chronic condition beginning April 1

Endometriosis, a chronic and painful condition, affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years, which is approximately 176 million women around the world. Endometriosis can have a devastating effect on quality of life due to its painful symptoms; it is the biggest cause of infertility in women, and carries a huge personal and societal cost.

There is help.

NOVO Health recently announced the Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy, recognized experts in the use of laser treatment to excise endometriosis, joined the NOVO platform as a provider of women’s health services.

NOVO Health will make available an episode of care bundle for the treatment of endometriosis at the Kaldas Center, which will begin rolling out April 1.

Endometriosis Awareness month is a global initiative to raise awareness of the disease and its effects on women.


NOVO Health is a leader in the price bundling of outpatient surgeries and related procedures. Bundled pricing results in a single bill for an entire episode of care with a price point known up front. Currently, NOVO Health offers more than 80 bundled procedures to self-insured companies, many of which are orthopedic and spine, traditionally high cost items for employers.

Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy combines nationally recognized surgical skills and technology with holistic, patient-focused care to achieve unsurpassed results for women in Wisconsin. The Kaldas Center keeps costs down with minimally invasive surgery and in-office procedures, helping women quickly return to their life, productivity and happiness.