Health care won’t be fixed until both the thinking and the model changes, Curt Kubiak tells CEO group

Sometimes, you just have to think differently.

It was different thinking, after all, that transformed the hotel and transit sectors when companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Lyft introduced what seemed like radical ideas into the marketplace: a platform that linked surplus resources to consumers giving the greater control over price and quality, thereby improving the experience.

That’s the kind of thinking it will take to reform health care and break the cycle of constant cost increases that are breaking the budget of both consumers and the employers who provide the coverage, NOVO Health CEO Curt Kubiak said to a group of CEO’s gather at St. Norbert College for the CEO Breakfast and Strategy Series.

“Before 2008, most of you probably would not go to a stranger’s house to rent a room or get into a strangers car. But since then, almost all of you have used Uber or Airbnb because it’s a better experience at a lower price,” Kubiak said. “Why can’t we apply that different thinking from the sharing economy to health care? What we have determined is that you can.”

Watch Kubiak make the case for using the sharing economy model to change health care: