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Hip Factor

If there is any misconception, OSI’s Brian Lohrbach wants to clear it up: “I don’t just do hips.” By Scott Hutchinson As with any orthopedic surgeon worth his suture, Brian Lohrbach will state that he has never instructed a single patient struggling with pain to have...

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Charting a Course Through The Whirlwind

UPDATED Sometimes you need to stop and catch your breath. If that’s not an important saying, it sure seems like it should be after the whirlwind we’ve been experiencing here at NOVO Health in recent weeks. Don’t get me wrong, the winds that have filled our sails have...

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VIDEO: Can the Sharing Economy Disrupt Health Care?

Health care won't be fixed until both the thinking and the model changes, Curt Kubiak tells CEO group Sometimes, you just have to think differently. It was different thinking, after all, that transformed the hotel and transit sectors when companies such as Airbnb,...

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Pain Points

Six Steps to Uncover and Address Pain Points in Your Health Benefits Plan By Melina Kambitsi, Ph.D. Do you have costly pain points hidden in your health plan data? It’s important to know the trends of your organization’s health claims data. By examining your data, you...

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