NOVO Health 2020 Postponed

May 8, 2020 | Milwaukee, WI

In the best interest of our health care provider, employer and individual community members, NOVO Health will be postponing our 2020 Conference until 2021. We have conferred with our hosts and have selected Friday, May 7, 2021 as our conference date.

How you get your health care matters!

NOVO Health is a movement and community built on the belief that by joining together to take control of health care, we build relationships resulting in a sustainable and socially responsible health care model resulting in healthier communities.


Your choices drive that movement. When NOVO Health provides health care services, employees win by gaining access to quality providers, supporting them as a local business and enabling them to keep costs low. Providers offer an innovative bundles of services that grow their business. Employers save money that can be invested back into the communities they serve.


Your choices form the connections that build stronger relationships.


Your choices create a sustainable model, which results in improved physical and economic health, strengthening our communities.

Choose to be part of the movement. Join us on May 8.

Admission is $99, and includes entry into the Harley Davidson Museum! 


Meet Our Speakers

Steve Tyink
Steve Tyink

Partnership Development, Fork Farms

Curt Kubiak
Curt Kubiak



Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible and healping us spread the message.

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Where It’s At

Harley-Davidson Museum
400 W. Canal St.
Milwaukee, WI 53201